• How Does it Work?
    How Does it Work?
    • It puts a light mist of sanitising fluid on to the door handle after each use
    • Fits to any door
    • Activated as the door closes
    • No batteries or power supply required
  • Low Maintenance
    Low Maintenace
    • Simple to use and extremely effective
    • Cartridge good for Approx. 4,000 sprays
    • Very low maintenance
    • No complicated or costly parts used
  • Health benefits
    What are the Health Benefits?
    • Kills 99.9% of known germs
    • Reduces risk of cross contamination
    • Provides peace of mind, knowing that the door handle is safe to touch
  • Clinical Trial Results
    Clinical Trial Results

    In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Handle Hygiene Sanitising System we carried out tests in a major hospital here in Ireland and had the results analysed at Trinity College Dublin.

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