Testimonial for using Handle Hygiene

Door handles are frequently touched by hands which may be contaminated by bacteria or viruses particularly in areas such as bathrooms.  This leads the door handle to act as a reservoir for infections.  By using the Handle Hygiene system, the hospital is reducing the risk of contamination of door handles and subsequently hands, thereby protecting the patients and healthcare workers.

The design of the Handle Hygiene is simple where the disinfectant is released automatically onto the door handle once the door is closed (without the use of batteries or power supply), ensuring a clean handle for the next person.

The Handle Hygiene was introduced to our staff at World Hand Hygiene Day in May 2015 and received a very positive response from staff.

The introduction of the Handle Hygiene system is an exciting new infection prevention and control initiative and supports our programme for reducing healthcare associated infections.


Kind Regards


Lenora Leonard,
Infection Prevention & Control Manager,
Infection Prevention & Control Department,
Beacon Hospital,
Dublin 18.

  • Where is Handle Hygiene for?

    A Handle Hygiene systems is extremely important on high contact door handles where bacterial cross-contamination would present a potential health risk.

    • Hospitals
    • Retirement homes
    • Schools and educational facilities
    • Doctors surgeries
    • Dentists
    • Food industry
    • Nurseries
    • Restaurants
    • Public Bars
    • Cinemas
    • Sporting venues
    • Hotels
    • Day care facilities
    • Cruise ships
    • Office buildings
    • Coffee shops
    • Banks